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Thursday, 10 March 2016

Dont Beg For Love

I always wanted to share an insight with you which I have experienced n number of times myself. The thing is that we have some people..some special people in our lives whom we love, admire and expect these same lovely reflections from them.

However for some reason unknown they dont love us neither they wish to spend their chosen moments with us. Even they dont know why they have such an attitude towards us. These people could be our blood relatives, our friends of same or opposite sex or the ones whom we foresee a life partner in.

My point is let these people be free..let them go..dont run behind them and beg for love. Open the exit doors in your hearts and let a polite inner voice say to them Please Leave. Then be neutral towards them. Neither hate nor love them. This will render you immense peace and happiness and you will tread the path of your life joyfully.
With love,

Friday, 16 October 2015

Builders Calling A Nationwide Strike!!!Look who Is Talking!!!

These builders who bribe the  officials with open hands, these builders who have been twisting laws in their favor, these builders who were behind nearly 500 percent rise in property prices,these builders who on average earn 1000 percent profit on every sale ARE NOW PLEADING FOR MERCY!!! 

The fraternity who made an average person a debtor for 20 years is now lamenting and begging. Shame on you guys...

One builder committed suicide and you were calling a nationwide strike..Did you care when so many farmers killed themselves..did you worry when the flat owners commit suicide when they are not able to pay the EMIs...when their only property is seized.

The truth dear builders is that you guys are not comfortable with the change in Govt..The earlier was pampering you and the current one is grilling you.

Thursday, 23 July 2015

आज़ाद के जन्मदिन पर

आज़ाद के जन्मदिन पर

ऐसी कलम नहीं मेरी के
तुझपे कुछ लिख जाऊ मैं
नहीं मिलेंगे लफ्ज़ तेरी शान में
चाहे खुद बिक जाऊ मैं

पता नहीं के मंदिर में राम है
पता नहीं कहा बसता रहमान है
गर पता लगा कहा तेरे कदम पड़े थे
वहाँ सजदे में झुक जाऊ मैं

आज अडसठ के साल बाद भी
हिन्द की किस्मत कोरी है
भारत माँ के आँचल का
हर रेशा काकोरी है

कहो आज़ाद माँ पूछ रही है
के कहा से तुमको ढूंढ के लाऊ मैं

ऐसी कलम नहीं मेरी के
तुझपे कुछ लिख जाऊ मैं

अनुराग शर्मा

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Arvind Kejriwal-The Power Of A Common Man

I feel Arvind Kejriwal would make an awesome CM of Delhi. He is doubtlessly a man who is untouched by corruption. We all know that his only mistake was quitting the throne but that also he did for execution of Lokpal Bill.
If Congress and BJP can be forgiven ample of times then why can't this man?
Its a hardcore truth that we all stood for Modi because we were fed up of Congress and its synonymous Corruption.
Anna Hazare movement and infinite scams led by Congress actually helped BJP to zoom.
The Hazare movement was the last straw to break the back of Congress..and as an alternative it made a God out of Modi. Who else could be trusted then?
I and millions of common men like me and you ran to support Modi because we actually wanted to crush Congress and Modi was the best weapon for it.
Modi is no saint..neither any other politician is. However Kejrival is an emergence from the common crowd .
We gave BJP a huge chance so we can also try this common man called Arvind Kejriwal.

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

We Are Never Alone

We are actually never alone...

When we went to school crying we saw more crying babies like us already there..

When we failed a unit test we came to know that there were few more like us..

When we got a job after college, we saw some other guys being congratulated before us..

We were in love but were not the only Romeos as there were many hiding behind the trees in the same garden..

We got married and there was a brigade of married people in our banquet...

Our first baby came and we were welcome to the Parents Club..

Retirement came and we were congratulated and consoled by already retired people...

The final day came when we were being taken to the cremation ground and we saw some of our friends already there either in flames or under the earth...
We were not alone...We are never alone...

Saturday, 14 December 2013

Its A High Time For An Indian Voter To Wake up!!!Crush Congress Completely!!!

In case the people would have completely shunned Congress in the Delhi state elections then at least one party would have earned a majority. Some slave minded people still feel that the party which practically raped India financially, the party which pulled the Rupee to dust, the party which showed us Damini's on the roads of Delhi, the party who defamed India by 2G and Common Wealth scams, the party which crushed peaceful Satyagraha, the party who made us witness beheaded soldiers-will bless India with peace and prosperity!!!! Its still like hearing some oldies saying today..ANGREZO KA RAAJ ACHCHA THA!!! Lets all free India from one of the most corrupt political party on the globe...Crush Congress Completely!!!

The iconic leader like Rajiv Gandhi is no more now and his successors have shown as the worst political and economic scenario since we got freed.

I once again appeal to all the voters of India to Crush Congress Completely in coming elections.

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Lets Pray For Flood Victims Of Uttrakhand

मेरे खुदा तू कर रहम 

तू है मेरा खुदा क्या तेरा नाम है 

वो कहते मुहम्मद तुझे हम कहते राम हैं 

तू ही चढ़ा था सूली तू कर्बला में था 

तूने ही मारा रावण तू ही गया में था 

मोहताज है तेरे हम सर तेरा हाथ हो 

फिर चाहे मदीना हो या केदारनाथ हो 

आ तुझको बुला रहे बच्चे तेरे बेबस 

ख़तम कर यह इम्तिहान तोड़ मौत का कफ़स 

अनुराग शर्मा